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NYC DoT Bike Newsletter

You should get the NYC DoT’s monthly bike newsletter

The NYC DoT Bike Newsletter is a monthly email blast providing news on what the New  York City Department of Transportation is doing for cyclists and cycling. I signed up for it a few months ago.  You can find the signup page here. Another one arrived in my in-box today.  You can find the NYC …

Queens Cunningham Park Bike Ride

New York City MTB Rides in one Bundle

There aren’t many legal places to ride off road in New York City.  Three in fact.  That’s why NYC MTB Ride Routes Bundle is small.  3 rides.  But it’s all there is.  So it’s complete. Pleasures of the knobby life The joys of riding in the  dirt are many.  For me, it’s combining nature with …

Fort Wadsworth embankment. Staten Island, NY

Staten Island Rides Are Up

About developing these rides… The saddest thing about preparing to master the roads and routes of Staten Island (to map the best bike rides on Staten Island) was how dedicated cyclists who lived in the borough told me the riding wasn’t good. I appreciated the honesty, noted the blasé humor as an affect of weary …