PayPal issues are preventing downloads from working

I have set up this site to give people the opportunity to download rides onto their bike computers or mobile devices. It’s a pretty cool system I think and provides great riding.

The fly in the ointment, the grit in the chain, is Paypal. I needed to upgrade my account because, well, because PayPal doesn’t want to make money off our transactions unless this upgrade takes place.

So I did the upgrade. I followed their rules. Even though banking is a 24/7 global enterprise these days, they are falling back on the “3-5 business days” excuse. I asked about this, and it turns out that even though they work 24/7 and my bank (and probably your banks as well) works 24/7, they still think that “business days” mean that they are under no obligation to work on the weekends, even though they process transactions and everything else on the weekends as well.

When this issue is solved, I’ll update.

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