New York City Waterfront Plan

Comment on the NYC Waterfront Plan

The New York City Waterfront Plan

The Department of City Planning just release a draft version of their comprehensive New York City Waterfront Plan.  It envisions how the 520-miles of New York City Waterfront will look in 2030.  It’s about trying to create more usable space while mitigating and/or resisting adverse effect of global warming.

Think more parkland.  Think more places to ride.  Think protecting the city from rising waters and storm flooding.

It would be great to have more waterfront parkland and multi-use paths.

That is part of what they’re addressing.  But it needs more input.

Here’s a link to the DCP’s Waterfront Plan Page.

You can find the plan here.

There will be in-person events on May 25 and May 27th.

Comments are due by MAY 28.

I either went to one of their 12 planning sessions or submitted comments about a plan.  I think I did the latter in support of rebuilding the East River Esplanade, which is part of the Upper East Side Ride.  North of 96th street, the esplanade is in terrible shape, with the pier blocked off, the path falling apart, and the north end a mess.  It should be connecting to the esplanade along the Harlem River, which is north of 132nd street, but it looks like the construction of the intervening space might take years.




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