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Follow @wheretoridenyc on instagram

Follow @wheretoridenyc on instagram.

Yes, I know.  It reads @wheretoride not @wheretobike.

There’s a reason.

The reason is that while I created and have the password for @wheretobikenyc, instagram won’t allow me access to that account.  I have made many attempts to solve this issue.  I went through the help portal for instagram.  I read many, many FAQs.  I tried many different search terms.  Nothing.  I even tried reaching out to instagram.  They don’t want to deal with their customers.  I tried calling.  I tried writing.  I reached out via Twitter, instagram, and Facebook.  The Facebook experience was particularly amusing.  I posted my problem on the instagram page on FB.  I received several responses, most of which seemed like scams.  They were asking for password info and such.  And if anyone was watching the page, they didn’t act.

So, I’m using @wheretoridenyc.  Go to instagram right now, sign in, and like us.

I’m among those who prefers “ride” to “bike.”  However, when the book was released, Americans were more likely to use “where to bike” as a search term rather than “were to ride.”  So the title was a concession to what people seem to look for.  If I can convert them, and or you, to “ride”, it will be a bonus.

People who ride bicycles are “riders” not “bikers.”  The latter has been taken by motorcyclists for some time, though they seem to be encroaching on “rider” as well.  We go riding not biking.

I’d prefer you do the rides rather than look at pictures.  But you can’t ride all the time, as life can get in the way.  When not riding, you can always be thinking about riding.  The images have links to rides as well as tags that you can utilize for finding more information about the rides, riding, stuff seen while riding, and stuff to do on the rides.

And if you’re posting pics on insta of the rides you find here, we’d love to see what you’ve shot.  Tag.

Follow @wheretoridenyc on instagram.

See you on the road and on social media.

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