NJ15 JRA Perimeter Ride


Start/Finish: NJ Side of the GWB Bike Path. Going through: Bergen, Rockland, Distance: 84.8 miles, Climbing: 5,544′.

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A perimeter ride for NYC cyclists.

Years ago, I learned that one way to learn an area for riding is to define a perimeter and then fill in all the roads that are inside that perimeter.  For people who ride over the George Washington Bridge (GWB) to New Jersey, this could provide that foundation.  This ride is long, but it goes around most of the roads you’d probably want to ride–and there are lots of good ones inside.  My own riding in Jersey mostly takes place within this perimeter.

There’s climbing, certainly, but most of it is either steep and short or shallow and long.  There are, by my accounting, two big climbs of note.  These are both long for the area and steep.  The first is about 15 miles in and goes up nearly a mile, pitching up to 10% in sections.  The second is a bit over 43 miles in, and about the same length, just a bit steeper than the first.  All in a day’s ride.

A bit of everything.

There is also gravel, about seven miles worth.  It’s very easy gravel.  When I first did these roads, most everyone was riding 20mm tires, about half the people were riding tubulars, and they were no problems.  Gravel riding is just riding.  And thanks to how long these paths have been traveled, they’re pretty well-packed and doable in all weather, save snow and heavy rains.

Particulars (Perimeter Ride NYC Cyclists)

Start: NJ Side of the GWB Bike Path.

Finish: NJ Side of the GWB Bike Path.

Going through: Bergen, Rockland counties.

Distance: 84.8 miles

Climbing: 5,544′

Includes: A PDF with intelligence and a GPX file to upload to  your bike computer or mobile device. A how-to can be found here. The PDF prepares you for the route and can be glanced at, printed out and/or uploaded to your mobile device.  The GPX is to be uploaded into your bike computer or mobile device so you can let the machine give you the directions as you ride along.

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NJ15 JRA Perimeter Ride