Just put up two of my favorite Jersey Wormholes

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I’ve been plying the roads in Northern New Jersey for years.  I think it was a friend who started calling rides that totally avoided 9W and the regular haunts of NYC cyclists “wormholes.”  I immediately liked it.  For me, there are even sections of the rides that feel like wormholes within the ride.

So, forthwith, here are two of my favorite, more regular wormholes, The Saddle River Wormhole (NJ11 JRA) and The Franklin Lakes Wormhole (NJ12 JRA).  I also like them because it’s easy to cut off some miles or add some miles depending on how I feel or how fast or slow I’m going.

I think these are good at any level of effort.  These rides can be enjoyed at any speed.  There’s enough good scenery to just take in the sights.  There are enough quiet roads to get in quality training.



NJ11 JRA Saddle River Wormhole

NJ12 JRA Franklin Lakes Wormhole


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