Q07 Roosevelt Island Loop


Borough(s): Queens, Distance: 4.0 miles, Elevation: 0′, Terrain: Flat roads and bike paths, Ride Rating: @.

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An island off an island off an island

Roosevelt Island is an island off an island, and even though it’s in Manhattan, the only bridge to it is from Queens. This one time home to hogs, then hospitals, is now a small town of roughly 10,000. Since there is nowhere to drive here, there are few roads, and fewer reasons for cars to speed. The views on the south, west, and north sides of the island are excellent. The main street is both modern and quaint at the same time.  All of this makes the Roosevelt Island Bike Ride easy and fun and safe.

Riding Round

Start just south of the Roosevelt Island Bridge. There aren’t many street names, but the great thing is that on an island two miles long and fifteen-hundredths of a mile wide, getting lost is very hard. And even if you do get lost, you’ll find you way back very easily.  Still, a map and directions can make staying on course easy.


Food and Drink

Ride along Main Street to find your food. There supermarkets, deli’s and sit down restaurants.  Nisi Kitchen has diner fare and is open pretty much all the time.  Piccolo has pizza.  And food trucks make regular appearances.


Side Trip

The ruins of Roosevelt Island, namely the Smallpox Hospital and Stecker Laboratory are amazing. And largely off limits to the public. Still, the Roosevelt Island Historical Society can point you to the Octagon, the Lighthouse, and the Blackwell House, and the Chapel of the Good Shepherd.

Borough(s): Queens

Specs (Roosevelt Island  Bike Ride)

Distance: 4.0 miles

Elevation: 0′

Terrain: Flat roads and bike paths.

Ride Rating: @

Notes: The riding on the island is peaceful and quiet.  The views excellent, and plenty of park on both the south and north ends for hangs and picnics.

Q08 is nearby.

Includes: A PDF with intelligence and a GPX file to upload to  your bike computer or mobile device.

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Q07 Roosevelt Island Loop