Northern NJ Rides Are Up to be downloaded

Riding South on River Road, Fort Lee, NJ

The Garden State is The Riding State New Jersey comes in for lots of derision from New Yorkers. But for city cyclists, it’s the sixth borough, thanks to much more hospitable riding environments than those in southern Westchester. New Jersey bike rides are a thing. …

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Last Chance to Ride Your Bike on the Bronx River Parkway in 2020

Bronx River Parkway Map 1922

Did you know you can ride your bicycle on the Bronx River Parkway? It’s been a tradition for 46 years. On most Sundays between the first Sunday in May to the last Sunday in September, a stretch of highway is closed from Tuckahoe to White …

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Just put up two of my favorite Jersey Wormholes

Just Riding Along (JRA) Badge

I’ve been plying the roads in Northern New Jersey for years.  I think it was a friend who started calling rides that totally avoided 9W and the regular haunts of NYC cyclists “wormholes.”  I immediately liked it.  For me, there are even sections of the …

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Download a Ride. Or Two. Or All.

Download Bike Rides. You can purchase the rides here: But first, you need a bit of knowledge.  Let me explain… As much as I love paper, getting a ride on your phone or bike computer makes loads of sense.  You’re probably carrying it already, …

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