Bike Rides in Westchester

Rides for those who like to go long, Westchester Edition

In a previous post, I detailed long rides that start and finish at the George Washington Bridge.  Here, I’ll detail the longer rides I have that start in NYC and go through Westchester.

If you like riding long, now is a good time to explore new roads, new routes, and find new favorites.

These are long bike rides in Westchester.

Some think summer is the time to explore.  I see the logic, but now, as the weather is getting colder, riding hard is trickier, and the cold air reduces the likelihood of taking the KoM on a Strava segement.  So, December is a great time to bundle up, fill your pockets with food, plug a new route into your head unit, and wander some place different.  Explore and experiment now, so you have new roads mastered by the time it starts warming up again, and you can once again focus on speed.

Westchester seems less bike-friendly than Bergen County.  I’ve been trying to understand why.  Northern Westchester definitely has good riding, but the area doesn’t seem to empty until getting as far as Tarrytown or White Plains.  And that makes Westchester a tough proposition for city riders, as both destinations are over 20 miles from midtown Manhattan.  And there’s the matter of making it through both The Bronx and Yonkers before it feels suburban.  With that in mind, I created routes that try to keep to quieter roads.  I like these rides.  I think you will, too.

Bike Rides in Westchester

If you want to ride up to Nyack, cross the Tappan Zee Bridge, see some Westchester, and recross the TZB to Nyack:

If you want to ride up from NYC on the Jersey side of the Hudson, get to Nyack, cross the Tappan Zee to Tarrytown, then ride home:

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