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Borough(s): Brooklyn, Distance: 3.14 miles, Elevation: 229, Terrain: hilly, Ride Rating: @@

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The Tease. (Bronx bike ride Yankee)

Yankee Stadium was once The House That Ruth Built. Now, it’s The House That Giuliani and Steinbrenner Built. But you know about that. This Bronx bike ride rings the Highbridge neighborhood. Highbridge, because it isn’t upscale, has a number of underutilized streets and lots of great architecture, particularly Art Deco exteriors. And the topography not only yields hills, but vistas and great cliffside parks.

Bronx Bike Rides Yankee Stadium
Stairs connect streets. This neighborhood is hilly.

The Deep Dive.

Yogi Berra, the silver-tongued Hall of Fame catcher who played in pinstripes is alleged to have said, “it’s so crowded, nobody goes there.” That’s why it’s been years since we’ve been to a Yankees game. But we do ride around Highbridge, and this loop is pretty interesting urban riding, and pretty easy to navigate.

Start across the street from Yankee Stadium. You’re heading southwest toward the Major Deegan Expressway. Turn right onto Martin Luther King, Junior Boulevard. Start climbing. This road climbs gradually and then flattens out onto a ridge overlooking Manhattan. You’ll be on here for over a mile.

When the road ends, you’re turning right and heading downhill on Edward L. Grant Highway. This road goes southeast and you’re going to lose altitude much faster than you gained it. While Grant is busy, there is a protected bike lane all the way down to Jerome Avenue.

Once on Jerome, you’re almost done. Within a block you’ll start passing John Mullaly Park, a wonderful oasis of green in this hyper-urban landscape. The park is on your left. Make sure to look right and check out the Art Deco buildings and the staircases leading up the cliff.

Once you’re in front of Yankee Stadium, just another block and you’re done. The route is so easy, so short, go for another loop before calling it quits. You’ll see much more the second time around.

Specs (Bronx Bike Ride Yankee)

Borough(s): The Bronx

Distance: 3.14 miles

Elevation: 229 feet

Terrain: Hilly.  the first half is uphill, then you lose all that elevation quickly and the rest of the ride is flat

Ride Rating: @@

Notes: Much of the ride is on tree-lined, quiet streets.  Impressively quiet considering how populous this part of The Bronx is.

Includes: A PDF  to print out or put on your phone.  A GPX file for your phone or  GPS-enabled bike computer.

If you need a tutorial, here’s where you find that info.  https://wheretobikenyc.com/2020/06/18/download-a-ride/

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Bx08 Yankee Stadium Loop