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You should get the NYC DoT’s monthly bike newsletter

The NYC DoT Bike Newsletter is a monthly email blast providing news on what the New  York City Department of Transportation is doing for cyclists and cycling. I signed up for it a few months ago.  You can find the signup page here.

Another one arrived in my in-box today.  You can find the NYC DoT Bike Newsletter here.

The latest newsletter includes news on: expanded bike parking, more room for bikes on the Brooklyn and Queensboro Bridges, bike boulevards, expanded open streets program.  Personally, I think they’re all good things.  I want to see more rockstar parking for bikes, more covered, on-street bike parking, more bike lanes on bridges, the whole lot of it.  There’s more than one road in NYC, there should be more room made for bikes.

The newsletter also includes what is probably best-termed “community news.”  That includes “partner events from the Brown Bike Girl and Bike New York, grant opportunities and a helpful reminder that the 2020 bike map is still available.  I get one in paper every year (maps are much easier to read on paper) and am looking forward to the 2021 version.

Even if you disagree with what the DoT is doing, at least you’ll know what they’re doing so you can oppose it.


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