Bike Riding River Road Nyack

The Two Essential Over-The-Bridge Rides Every City Cyclist Should Know

Bike Riding to River Road & Nyack

Riding in New  York City is great.  But getting over the George Washington Bridge to see what life looks like over on the west bank of the Hudson River is not only a rite of passage, but an adventure that helps complete the education of every city cyclist.

Some go for bird-watching.  There is a bald eagle nest not far up on the other side.  Some go for the views of the city, which are impressive.  Some go because they don’t want to see the city and the other side presents incredible forests.  Some go because they want a day trip on two wheels, with a nice meal in the middle.  Some go because it’s training.  Some go just because its there.

Regardless, you need to go.  Ride over to the mainland, see the sights, experience the contrast, complete your education as a cyclist.  And burn some serious calories.

Both these rides start and finish at the New Jersey entrance to the GWB bike path.

Go. Bike Riding  River Road  Nyack

Go when you can.  Go because  you have to.  Go because.

The River Road Ride isn’t exactly easy.  But the tougher half, the River Road half, is riding through a park, where there’s more bike and foot traffic than car traffic.  And there’s little bike and foot traffic to begin with.  Cars are even banned for much of the year.  The road descends, rolls, climbs repeatedly.  It’s a fun, peaceful road to ride on.  Keep your eyes open.  Not only are there bald eagles around, but deer and occasionally foxes.


This is the one you need to do to claim the mantle of “cyclist” in New York.  Do this, and you’ve arrived.  It might take all day, but you can ride to Nyack for lunch, then ride home.  Once you’ve got it down, the ride to Nyack and back justifies lunch.


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