Queens Cunningham Park Bike Ride

New York City MTB Rides in one Bundle

There aren’t many legal places to ride off road in New York City.  Three in fact.  That’s why NYC MTB Ride Routes Bundle is small.  3 rides.  But it’s all there is.  So it’s complete.

Pleasures of the knobby life

The joys of riding in the  dirt are many.  For me, it’s combining nature with movement.  Finding a zen state on the bike is an incredible feeling.  If you’ve never ridden a bike where traction is uneven, trees are sticking out waiting to spear you, roots are trying to grab your wheels, sharp rocks are readying to stab your legs, and you need to pedal a bit harder to get over the rise and lean to get around the curve, the pleasures of riding in the woods might seem absurd.

Maybe it is this contrast is a major part of the fun.  Moving through a maze of laser beams designed to catch intruders without tripping any alarms might not be for everyone.  But somehow, even early video games like Pitfall and Tetris hook even the most dispassionate skeptic.  Once you start, the thrill makes it hard to stop.

Add in the nature element, and off roading is addiction-forming.  It has been well-documented that exposure to trees calms people–there are studies that even the presence of trees in urban landscapes correlates with less crime.

The rides are for everybody

New and newer riders: these trails can be a challenge, a way to dip a knob in the mud, a means to acquire the skills necessary to take on bigger and badder challenges.

Experienced riders: these trails can be recovery, light training, a way to keep the skills sharp while getting in some aerobic exercise.

Cyclocrossers: these trails can provide both skills training and fitness.  And with a good dose of fun added.

Gravel riders: Kind of like ‘crossers. You might want some knobs on your tires.  You might not.  Depends on what you’re looking to do. Fat, slick 650b tires should be fine.

Always follow The IMBA Code.

For more info on MTB riding in NYC, check out the New York City Mountain Bike Association.


TL/DR (NYC MTB Ride Routes)

No matter your skill set, no matter your bike, if you’ve got knobby tires and need some dirt in your diet, these rides are indispensible to New York City riders with a hunger for the un road.

NYC MTB Rides Bundle

The rides included:

Manhattan M02 Highbridge Park MTB Trails

Staten Island SI07 Wolfe’s Pond Park Trails

Queens Q03 Cunningham Park MTB Trails

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