NJ13 JRA Scenic Route to Orchard (and wormhole back)


Start/Finish: NJ Side of the GWB Bike Path. Going through: Bergen, Rockland, Distance: 64.0 miles, Climbing: 4,038′.

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Scenic Orchard Wormhole Ride.

I don’t do this often enough.  As the elevation number indicates, there’s plenty of climbing, and it’s plenty varied–gradual to walls and everything in between–but the elevation doesn’t show how much fun some of the more rolling roads are.  The majority of the most flowy roads are on the way back, and even when fatigued, it’s easy to find a rhythm and roll. It seems to pitch slightly downhill for a while, which helps reap some fun speed, with only a few hills to break up your rhythm. And a wall at the end that helps you empty the tank when you’re almost within sight of the George Washington Bridge.

Gravel ahead.  It’s worth it.

The route also includes about 10 miles of gravel.  Yes, dirt and small rocks.  However, it’s very easy gravel.  When I first did these roads, most everyone was rolling 20mm tires, often tubulars, and these trails were no problem on narrow tires. And thanks to how long these paths have been traveled, they’re pretty well-packed and doable in all weather, save snow and heavy rains.  You can even ride it pretty fast, so long as you do it when few people are around–think weekend mornings in the summer, and cooler weather overall is what keeps the numbers down, though a heat wave, like high 90s Fahrenheit, can keep the people away, too.

The Orchard, BTW.

It refers to the Orchards of Concklin.  It’s known for apple cider donuts.  And having fruit and vegetables and even some candy. But plenty just get a jug of water there and nosh on bike food, which they seem to have.

Includes: A PDF with intelligence and a GPX file to upload to  your bike computer or mobile device. A how-to can be found here.The PDF prepares you for the route and can be glanced at, printed out and/or uploaded to your mobile device.  The GPX is to be uploaded into your bike computer or mobile device so you can let the machine give you the directions as you ride along.

Specs (Scenic Orchard Wormhole Ride)

Start: NJ Side of the GWB Bike Path.

Finish: NJ Side of the GWB Bike Path.

Going through: Bergen, Rockland counties.

Distance: 64.0 miles

Climbing: 4,038′


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NJ13 JRA Scenic Route to Orchard (and wormhole back)